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Cardinal Digital can be your partner to either maintain your enterprise’s current maturity or help it grow. Your enterprise can join the digital market through different platforms. The strategies to be chosen will be based on your company, goals, customers, product, service and brand.

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Our Services

Targeted Lead Gens
Know Who To Look for and Keep Up With Them

Whether your enterprise is B2B or B2C, we can customize a direct strategy to keep up with your leads and audience. You can reach out to your current customers by maintaining relationships with them. Other than that, we can reach for your lowest hanging fruit by generating ways to connect with them. We can target a specific audience to generate immediate leads.

Thought Leadership
Establish Your Company as a Key Opinion Leader

As a professional organization, it is important to maintain your respected and elevated reputation. This does not only build your organization’s credibility but also affect lead gen funnels. To amplify your reputation, we utilize your existing resources and multiple platforms to project your thought leadership and establish you as a Key Opinion leader.

Lead Gen Funnels
The Best Way to Qualify Your Leads

Brand awareness is not the last step of digital marketing. After gaining brand awareness, we will make sure that your users and converted to either signing up for your promotions or even buying it. We try to generate funnels to bring them back to your landing page, social media platforms or the like. The chosen channel will be in line with your enterprise’s goals and brand identity.

Follow Your Customers Wherever They Go

Not all visitors take time to browse your website or pages. We want to bring them back there for them to take a deeper look at your products or services. We make sure to track their digital footprint so that we can remarket to them in the future.We can also build your Facebook and LinkedIn remarketing list and conceptualize ways to lead them back to the page. We want to nurture your relationships with customers and strengthen your business connections.

Some of Our Clients!

Custom Growth Strategies For Global & Local Companies.


We Serve Customers from Global Organizations to Local SMEs!

Our Process

Target Audience

There are many people all over the internet but we can help you specifically target your community of users. We can target customers based on their geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral aspects. For example, for LinkedIn, we can choose professionals to connect with, based on degree, job, industry and the like. Based on the information, we conceptualize innovative ways to reach out to them.

Funneling from Thought Leadership to Leads

We prime your customers to learn about the industry and content related to your industry. Eventually, we introduce your enterprise and your products or services.  This way, we already shake hands with your customers, as we veer them into your enterprise. We want to lead them to your landing page or website to join your community and buy your products or services.

Staggered Budgets

We will analyze your business and make sure we walk you through on what exactly you will need. We will be with you throughout the process and work around your budget. We will choose the platforms and channels that can maximize your business and effectively reach out to your audience.

We Will Help You Grow Your Business

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Why Cardinal Digital?

Silicon Valley Standard

Our team members are bred by the most prestigious universities from across the globe. This strategy calls for our experiences in the fields such as finance, technology, healthcare and retail. These experiences help us cultivate our passion in introducing tech innovations. We test the latest marketing strategies, crunch financials and design presentations to bring about the success of our companies. Now, we want to share the learnings, grit and innovation to your business.

Venture Capital Approach

As the U.S. is a home of both established companies and growing startups, we will look into their different marketing needs. With all the diverse companies, each company will need a customized digital marketing solution. Based on your needs to reach your goals, we can tailor a strategy for your business. Throughout the process, we commit to being your partners in growth by being business savvy, brand conscious , transparent and data-driven.

Proven Strategies

Digital marketing techniques can help you connect with your digital-first customers. It’s time for your company to to be available through different online customer touch-points. We have already partnered with dozens of companies across the globe to bring them success in the digital markets.

Although, we do not stop there. Prior to kick starting campaigns, we will monitor data from your web traffic and customers to help you understand their values. The data will be analyzed and this analysis will be reported to you to drive content marketing and digital marketing strategies.

Client Testimonials

Cardinal Digital's Adwords Services helped me get xx new customers per week! Just a couple days of advertising, and I was booked for the entire week. Could not have scaled my business without their team.

- Alex Yean, Oasis Air Conditioning

Cardinal Digital's Adwords Services helped me get xx new customers per week! Just a couple days of advertising, and I was booked for the entire week. Could not have scaled my business without their team.

- Alex Yean, Oasis Air Conditioning

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