CD Labs

We are Cardinal Digital’s incubator for new companies and startups, who are looking for growth partners. We know that you have fresh ideas and strategies and want to bring them to the innovative digital stage. We are not just your digital campaign executors but rather, we want to take on a strategic advisory role, as your start your new business.

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Services for Your Startup

Brand Consulting

We believe that your brand will be important in reaching out to your audience. We can conceptualize a branding system that will be aligned with your startup’s products and goals. This brand can be used throughout different social media platforms and even presentations

Web Design + Dev

Everyone needs a home and your company’s digital home can be your website. We can tailor a website to showcase not only your product or service but also your overall brand. We can highlight what makes your experience better compared to your competitors and bring your hero products or services to the spotlight. We believe that the website’s design and development can help generate leads.

Modern SEOs

We want your startup to not only become popular but be there when users search for them. We want to rank your startup on the search engines, so that it easy for customers to find you and click on your website when they are looking for you. Your consumers are mostly likely to trust organic searches compared to ads. We can help your website be on top.

Content Strategy

We are your partners in generating content that is relevant to your users. Moreover, we utilize the best and most effective channels to help your ads and campaigns seem relevant to your users and encourage them to convert them to leads. We use the content to start connections with customers.

Lead Generation

Some users have the tendency to bounce away from your page after catching a glimpse of it. With this, we want to make sure that whatever is on your site will encourage them to stay, look around and generate leads. We will educate them on your product industry and niche market and eventually on your product or service. We will showcase your competitive advantage in the industry.

Public Relations

We can create blogs for your websites. For your startup, we can create content that will be easy to access and understand for your customers. We can show benefits, lists, and others that put your product or service under the spotlight. The content will also be relatable to your customers.

Social Media Marketing

Here at CD labs, we will not only implement campaigns or strategies but also be your partners throughout the process. We will regularly keep up with the data to know the status of your brand’s awareness. We want to stretch this brand awareness to different targeted audiences from different platforms. Through Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms, we can help you maintain your connections with your community.

Some of Our Clients!

Custom Growth Strategies For Global & Local Companies.


We Serve Customers from Global Organizations to Local SMEs!

Our Process

Understanding your Users

First, we want to understand your users. We want to dive deep into what their needs are and how they see your product and service. Our design thinking process is greatly rooted in this. Based on this information, we will use our Silicon Valley background to understand your customers and their digital footprint.

Understanding your Business

We will take a closer look into your business to be familiar with your positioning, life cycle stage, revenue model, and vital information for your digital marketing campaign. We will analyze your go-to marketing strategy and incorporate our plans with it. We want to learn how to capture your low hanging fruit to drive more sales. We will figure out the best way the launch your startup.

Multi-Channel Execution

We will explore your startup’s digital possibilities in different platforms. We will look into how they perform in Google adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, the website itself and other channels. We will not limit you to social media by also testing it on Google Adwords and search engine ranking. Based on the data, we can decide what is the most suitable for your business to drive leads and raise ROI.

We Will Help You Grow Your Business

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Why CD Labs?

Silicon Valley Standard

We have a great exposure to a huge density of startups. We understand how they work and can apply our thorough knowledge on them to your startup. We understand, which assistance, tools, and marketing strategies are needed for your startup. Based on this knowledge, we will tailor marketing campaigns for you.  

Venture Capital Approach

We understand how investors are thinking and what would make them interested. We also know how they evaluate you compared to your competitors. Based on this, we can help you achieve your goals at whatever stage you are in. We value operational efficiency and make sure that our steps embody this. We want to drive high CACs.

Partnering with You

We will become your partners in your startup’s expansion. We will maintain your active growth through analysis of digital data and maintaining online campaigns. Whether there are high performances or points for improvement, we want to be with you in every step of the way. We will be with you throughout start to finish, as you grow.

Web Apps

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Client Testimonials

Cardinal Digital's Adwords Services helped me get xx new customers per week! Just a couple days of advertising, and I was booked for the entire week. Could not have scaled my business without their team.

- Alex Yean, Oasis Air Conditioning

Cardinal Digital's Adwords Services helped me get xx new customers per week! Just a couple days of advertising, and I was booked for the entire week. Could not have scaled my business without their team.

- Alex Yean, Oasis Air Conditioning

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