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Our Story

Cardinal Digital was founded by Stanford University engineering graduates who are passionate about empowering local businesses, startups, and global brands with the digital marketing tools they need to succeed in today's competitive world.

With venture capital, finance, and tech work experiences in Silicon Valley, we have seen the advantage that tech-savvy businesses maintain over traditional mom-and-pop shops and we want to help level the playing field.

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Our Team

Natalie Nguyen
Managing Director
Erica Pelaez
Bizdev Manager
Katee Miranda
SEM Team Lead
Gab Pineda
SEO Strategist
Gab Pineda
SEO Manager
Jason Buen
SEO Manager
Nicole Banta
SMM Manager
Rain Flores
SMM Manager
Alex Voinila
Lead Designer
Renan Mufalo
Lead Developer
Wei Sin Onn
Technical Project Manager
Ryan Liu
Data Analyst
Kyle Wong
Board Advisor
Andrea Sy
Board Advisor
Jason Zhang
Strategy Advisor
Happiness Officer

Some of Our Clients!

Custom Growth Strategies For Global & Local Companies.

Our Process

Step 1: The Analytics Foundation

The first step we always take for our clients is to conduct an analytics audit. A company website without analytics tracking is missing out on opportunities every day. In order to ensure that our clients maximize their existing traffic, we help them to track everything from session duration to micro user behaviors. The more data, the better to power data-driven marketing decisions.

Step 2: Understanding Your Audience

Next, we evaluate your company's digital landscape and target audience. We want to know who your existing customers are, how they discovered your business, and how they behave online and offline. After we understand your customer base, we look at your present competitors, the type of content they create, and the online/offline channels they use to grow their business. This will allow us to plan for your future, to identify where your greatest market potential is and design a successful entry strategy that maximizes your ad value.

Step 3: Optimizing Your Strategy

No matter what size your company is, every ad dollar matters and we will always look out for our customers' best interests first. The way we do this is by obsessively measuring your KPIs at every step. We build a foundation of analytics on your website that includes conversion tracking, custom audience-building, and custom engagement funnels. With your digital ecosystem in place, every advertising experiment is a small bet with high ROI promise.

We Will Help You Grow Your Business

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Why Cardinal Digital?

Interdisciplinary Advantage

Our team members studied in the most prestigious universities in the world and are passionate about bringing tech innovations to our local communities. We have combined experiences working across a variety of industries including finance, tech, healthcare, and retail. We worked long hours, tested the latest marketing strategies, crunched financials, and designed presentations to fuel the success of our companies. Now, we want to bring everything we have learned, our grit, and innovation, to Cardinal Digital and to our loyal clients.

Venture Capital Approach

We understand the different marketing needs of companies in various stages and with unique, diversified audiences. Digital marketing is not a one-size-fits-all solution and we will tailor our strategy to fit your specific needs. Unlike other digital marketing firms, we take a holistic approach to our clients' businesses that is transparent, data-driven, brand-conscious, and business savvy. We are your partners in growth.

Proven Strategies

From both investor and consumer perspectives, we have observed the most successful companies continue to harness the latest digital marketing techniques to connect with today's digital-first customers. These companies are available at multiple customer touchpoints, and so should you. We have helped to power the success of dozens of companies around the world in both their local markets and cross-border.

However, marketing is only the first step. After we launch your campaigns, we utilize the data we've collected from your web traffic and customers to help you understand their values. We draw insights from the data we have analzyed and report them to you to help drive your content marketing and digital marketing strategies.

Client Testimonials

Cardinal Digital's Adwords Services helped me get xx new customers per week! Just a couple days of advertising, and I was booked for the entire week. Could not have scaled my business without their team.

- Alex Yean, Oasis Air Conditioning

Cardinal Digital's Adwords Services helped me get xx new customers per week! Just a couple days of advertising, and I was booked for the entire week. Could not have scaled my business without their team.

- Alex Yean, Oasis Air Conditioning

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2 Leng Kee Road, #06-08, Thye Hong Centre, Singapore, 159086